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Stop talking about what you should do and take the steps you need to finally do it. I help you set clear goals and stay focused on them while troubleshooting both the logical and emotional challenges that get in your way. Sometimes when things seem to be falling apart they are actually falling into place. My goal is to guide you through life’s challenges with ease and peace and bring you into a state of balance.

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Lisability is balance.

Lisability empowers you to find balance between your mind, body and space. 

My journey to letting go of the past and being open to the future was slow moving. I desperately held onto my past and tried to control everything around me, I was getting nowhere except frustrated and anxious. I knew doing the same thing over and over was not working so I needed to change my routine. I held myself accountable to do a daily morning mindfulness practice which included yoga, I got rid of clutter around me that truly did not serve a purpose anymore. By balancing my mind through decluttering, my body through yoga, and my spirit through accountability, I turned my life around. I now take what I have learned and believe in and guide my clients through their own personal wellness regimen.

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“I am a successful owner of multiple businesses. I contacted Lisa for a new project I was launching as I know the value of accountability and having a guide. I met Lisa for a Clarity Walk thinking an hour would be enough to gain some insight on my project. The walk proved to be more than I expected. I loved her honesty and unique perspectives on life. I decided to work with her and its now been 3 months and I have gained more than I could have hoped. I went to her for clarity on a project and we are now delving into relationships, life and health. I have even started yoga. Having Lisa on my side helped me to define my goals, set a strategy to reach them, and then she held me accountable for my actions.”
Bobby T.
“Thanks to Lisa I’ve had my ‘a ha’ moment of clarity and I know now what’s next for me after a contentious divorce. Lisa is incredibly genuine and gives great advise from her own life’s experience. Her uplifting, positive energy has motivated me immensely and given me a renewed enthusiasm for my future. I feel I’ve found my passion again and cannot thank Lisa enough for helping me set goals. When I was overwhelmed and could not do them alone she was by my side to help me. She keeps me focused and upbeat and doesn’t give up on me.”
Barbara J.
“Highly empathetic, yet straight forward, and insightful, Lisa enabled me to gain a different perspective on challenging areas of my life and put a game plan in place to get me “unstuck” as quickly as possible. She also helped me to cut out the things that were distracting me and identify the key areas where I need to focus my time and energy to get the results I want.”
Quinn D.